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Hello! I'm Mark

UX researcher and designer

Taking on the World, One ML model at a Time

For all the hype for machine learning, no one seems to be talking about the design side. I became interested in AI when it became better at a task than human skill (using a CNN for image recognition) but since then I’ve noticed too often that the concentration has been on the tech instead the people it is supposed to be used for. I’ve been trying to fix that.

Too much of machine learning is either trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with no thought to how someone else can use it. The other side is irrational fear spread about AI. I’ve created this site to hopefully have a rational discussion to both of these problems. 


Recent Posts

The extra UX headaches for AI in production

It used to be that UX would work with the developers to create a good experience. Dev would build it and then QA would verify it. After that the product would be released and the team moved on to new features. This still works for non-AI products.The current process...

3 steps to ensure AI doesn’t make your product worse

As AI becomes better it has started to become a differentiator between products being offered by different companies there is a push to put it into everything. The idea is so pervasive it lead to a whole genre of memes on using AI as the solution to anything. So where...

AI specific issues while user testing

Machine learning is one of the strategies many companies are using as they try to improve and differentiate their product by augmenting the user’s experience. Building artificial intelligence into apps can improve what can be done for customers and users, but can also...